One in 3 of us are obese or overweight, which is why legions of people are searching for an answer to the question – ‘what are fat burners?’ Fat burners are “the outside help” in the form of natural foods or health supplements that help you get rid of your fat fast and ensure that it stays off.

How Do Fat Burners Help You To Lose Weight?

Now that you know ‘what are fat burners’, you will wonder about another question – how do fat burners work? Fat burners facilitate weight loss and help keep it off by triggering three actions in the body:

(1) Accelerate the metabolic rate – the metabolism is what regulates the speed with which the body uses calories to produce energy. In children, the speed is quite high owed to the fact that they are so very active. With age the rate of metabolism decreases; the rate falls by about 5% every 10 years after you cross 40. Heredity and gender also influence the rate of metabolism; men burn calories faster than women.

(2) Increase the level of energy – the best fat burners’ action is that with the increase in the metabolism, there is a directly proportional increase in the levels of energy generated in the body. Some fat burners have an additional effect, i.e. they are thermogenic. This means that with the increase of energy levels, there is an increase in the temperature of the body as well. When this happens, if you are able to hit the gym you will be able to burn the maximum amount of fat. Besides the acceleration of fat burning, there is one excellent positive side effect from increased energy levels, i.e. it elevates the mood, which in turn will make you look forward to exercising again.

(3) Suppresses the appetite – sometimes the answer to the question, ‘what are fat burners?’ is that that they are appetite suppressors. In other words, some of the best fat burners act not on the metabolism, but directly on the brain causing it to control hunger. In this way, you no longer need to fight your impulse to overeat, since you do not feel any hunger pangs anymore. This would reduce your food intake, which in turn would have your body burn more fat to generate the energy levels required by the body.

What Are The Best Natural Fat Burners You Could Use?

There are many natural and man-made fat burners on the market. Which ones should you choose? Which ones are completely safe to use? Among the best fat burners in UK are those than contain 100% natural ingredients because these cause minimum or no side-effects while they aid weight loss beautifully. Some of the best-known and popular natural fat burners in UK extensively used for weight loss with great success are:

(1) Green tea – this is usually taken along with complementing herbs. Green tea greatly accelerates the rate fat is oxidized in the body. As much as 17-20% increase in the fat burning rate can be achieved after drinking green tea. The compound polyphenol is a boon for diabetics, since it improves glucose tolerance as well.

(2) Acai berry – one of the most popular weight loss superfoods, the acai berry is extraordinarily rich in antioxidants and helps accelerate the rate of fat burning in the body. Combined with other fat burning herbs, the acai berry becomes a very powerful and efficient weight loss health supplement.

(3) African mango – this is another natural fat burner that is considered best and safest. Its action is to increase the production of leptin, an enzyme which is the natural appetite suppressant in the body. At the same time the African mango helps regulating and sustaining sugar and cholesterol levels in the body. This is considered a great health supplement because it offers excellent results with weight loss.

(4) Hoodia Gordonii – hodia was once upon a time use as the ‘hunters’ food’ in Botswana (Africa) because of its excellent food-suppressing attributes. The hunters who fed on this type of cacti did not feel hungry for long periods, which enabled them to travel and hunt extensively. Since this is 100% natural element, it offers no side effects with the weight loss program.

(5) Ephedra – this is a well-known versatile herb used by medicine men of ancient China and Mongolia to increase the heart rate and thereby the levels of energy. It is a well-known fact the increased physical activity accelerates the number of calories that are burned, which in turn means more fat will be burned. The downside of this herbal medication is that it affects the heart beat, and hence, it requires direct and strict medical supervision.

(6) HAC (Hydroxicitrate) – this is the extract from a fruit that is native to India – Garcinia cambogia. This extract interferes with the production of an enzyme called citrate lyase; the main role of this enzyme is converting carobohydrates to fat. With its production reduced, less fat in generated and hence, you lose weight quite fast.

What are T5 (T500) Fat Burners?

Among the best available and most popular fat burners in UK, you will find the T5 fat burners. This is a 100% natural ingredient product that enhances fat burning (i.e. fat loss) power, while generating increased levels of energy, muscle gain and drastically reducing bad cholesterol.

This is a product that attacks fat from all angles possible. It enhances the metabolic rate, the body temperature and energy levels. It is no wonder that this is a product that tops the lists in UK as one of the best ever natural weight loss products.

More Natural Fat Burners

There are many more 100% natural and highly effective fat burners such as grapefruit, caffeine, kelp, ACV (apple cider vinegar), chitosan, lemon-honey-hot water combination and so on. Before you choose any of the popular weigh loss health supplements, ensure that you study carefully the label and check each and every ingredient listed there. Always buy health supplements after you verified their reputation by reading as many reviews as possible about the company and their products.

When you look for answers for your question, ‘what are fat burners?’ – it is best to focus on the 100% natural compounds, for the synthetic ones might cause unpleasant side effects. It is always recommended however, that you consult your doctor before taking any type of health supplement, especially if you suffer from health conditions related to overweight or obesity.