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Medi-Evil Nutrition Excalibur, HFM award winner for best Fat Burner 2017 is considered one the best and most innovative fat burners available. Excalibur incorporates thermogenic, hunger suppressant and nootropic technology all in one.

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Excalibur is an award winning fat burner that is considered one the best and most innovative fat burners available. Excalibur incorporates thermogenic, hunger suppressant and nootropic technology all in one.

As well as being one of the most popular and effective fat burners  Excalibur contains completely organic and naturally sourced ingredients and is suitable for drug tested athletes and military personnel.

Anyone wanting to lose weight or improve their physique will be stunned by the effectiveness of Excalibur. Whether you’re preparing for the stage or looking forward to getting into that little black dress for a special event Excalibur will help you on your way. Excalibur is a real favourite of athletes and military personnel who trust Medi-Evil Nutrition Excalibur time and time again due to the ingredient profile and the peace of mind that every capsule is safe and free from banned ingredients.

In 2017 Medi-Evil Nutrition Excalibur was nominated for, and won the prestigious HFM magazine ‘Best Product for Fat Burning’ award. HFM is Holland and Barrett’s in-house magazine that runs a consumer poll annually. In its first year of being stocked in Holland and Barrett Excalibur out sold and out performed any other competitor product, and as a result won the award hands down.

Key Ingredients include:

  • Bitter Orange – or Citrus Aurantium is an ingredient commonly associated with weight control and fat loss and is featured in high amounts in Excalibur. Bitter orange has also been shown to increase metabolism and energy levels and has been used to combat Chronic Fatigue.
  • L-Tyrosine: used as the nootropic ingredient in Excalibur due to its cognitive improving qualities. L-Tyrosine helps to reduce the levels of the stress hormone Cortisolwhich usually elevates as a result of dieting and being on a calorie controlled regime. L-Tyrosine has multiple health benefits including improving cognitive function, memory and dopamine levels; reduces performance related stress; can be used to treat depression and helps to regulate thyroid hormone balance.
  • L-Carnitine – an amino acid that aids in increasing energy levels as well as energy produced as a result of the metabolism of fat. L-Carnitine transports fat molecules to the cells energy centres for increased cellular efficiency and energy output.
  • Caffeine – used for the increases in alertness and improved energy levels and increasing stamina during exercise


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