The ‘ Celebrity ‘ weight loss sensation.

Semaglutide, which is licensed and approved for managing overweight and obesity. It is recommended by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) for managing overweight and obesity in some patients on the NHS.

Semaglutide has previously been hailed as a new and effective treatment for obesity, but how does it work and what are the considerations?

It works by doing several things

  • Help the body produce insulin, but only when needed
  • Reduce the amount of unnecessary glucose (sugar) being released by the liver
  • Slow the rate at which the stomach digests and empties food
  • Reduce appetite, resulting in a reduced food intake

Here is some more information & links on what it is & how it is used.


Usual Adult Dose for Weight Loss
Initial Dose Escalation Schedule:

  • Weeks 1 through 4: 0.25 mg subcutaneously once a week
  • Weeks 5 through 8: 0.5 mg subcutaneously once a week

How to administer the injection
Turn the dose selector until the dose counter shows the dose you need to inject (0.25 mg or 0.5 mg for starting dose per week ). Insert the needle into your skin. Press and hold down the dose button. After the dose counter reaches 0, slowly count to 6 before taking out.

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